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Wet Maps (pdf, 904 kb)

Grades 5-6 Focus: Bathymetric mapping (Physical Science) Students analyze and interpret data to explain how multibeam sonar is used to identify patterns of ocean floor structures; construct three-dimensional maps; and understand how multibeam sonar technology extends the measurement and exploration capacity of modern ocean exploration.

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The Oceanographic Yo-yo (pdf, 183 kb)

Grades 7-8 Focus: Ocean chemistry and hydrothermal vents (Physical Science) Students analyze and interpret data from the Okeanos Explorer to make inferences about the possible presence of hydrothermal vents; and explain how interaction with hydrothermal vents affects chemical and physical properties of seawater.

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Strange Life (pdf, 398 kb)

Grades 7-8 Focus: Biological organisms in cold seep communities (Life Science/Physical Science) Students will obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about flows and cycles of energy in cold-seep ecosystems; develop a model that describes some of the interdependent relationships in cold-seep ecosystems; and develop and use a model to explain states and changes between states of…

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