Working in the Shale Oil Fields: Here are Top 6 Most Common Jobs

The U.S. Shale oil has been improving on efficiency in an attempt to increase oil production. As a result, the future looks bright for those who want to work in the oil fields.
Currently, a number of U.S. oil companies have invested in new exploration technologies. This could see the United States become the largest producer of oil in the world by 2020.
Mostly likely, the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia. This is according to an article published on the North Carolina Consumers Council.
Basically, this implies the oil industry will offer more employment opportunities for many people.
Consequently, anyone with intentions of working in the shale oil fields should consider any of these 6 jobs:
1. An Accountant in Shale Oil Field
Drilling oil involves a lot of paperwork. With the projected growth in the industry, there is a high chance that accountants will be in high demand.
For instance, companies in the oil drilling industries will wish to file tax and put other financial records right. With this growth, it means the work load will be too high that they will be forced to hire more manpower.
Most accountants earn about $68,000 per year. This may vary depending on experience and administrative position.
2. An Oilfield Geologist
Geology plays an integral role in drilling oil. In fact, there is no exploration that can commence without involving a geologist.
With the desire to produce more and increase efficiency, the company will require highly skilled geologists. Remember, it is geologists who determine the future prospect of an oil field.
Therefore, it is a task that requires a conscientious individual. They should be members of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
Quite a number of geologists earn between $89,000 and $153,000 per year.
3. Working in the Shale Oilfield as Truck Driver
At any given time, you’ll need to haul oil, move rigs or any other equipment. Again, with the projected growth in this industry, most definitely many truck drivers will be needed to perform these tasks.
You need to be industrious, patience and problem solver, just to mention a few traits.
Furthermore, a good truck driver should have some knowledge on automotive or mechanics. A truck driver makes a minimum of $45,000 per year.
4. Oilfield Derrick Hand
This is yet another area with a lot of opportunities. The derrick hand works under driller or drill assistant.
On average, oilfield derrick hands earn an average of $69,000 per year.
It is the responsibility of the derrick hand to monitor drilling fluid, climb between pipe to do minor repair, guide the drill pipe, etc.
5. Working in the Shale Oilfield as a Welder
Did you know welders are in high demand currently?
As a matter of fact, oil companies are currently looking for underwater welders, especially in the offshore oil drilling. In most cases, you will find a welder in gas and oil industries earning $18 to $28 per hour, depending on the complexity of the task at hand.
In fact, there are those who earn over $14,000 per month.
6. Shale Oilfield Engineer
This is yet, another lucrative career. It is the engineers who help to maintain the efficiency by evaluating the drilling process to ensure it is done properly.
In most cases, engineers earn over $75,000 per year.
Remember, petroleum and gas industries require engineers from different sectors such as aeronautical, civil, structural, mechanical or electrical engineers, just to mention a few.
To work in the Shale oil field, you must keep searching for the various opportunities that give leads to the relevant information about the jobs in demand.
The best way to go about this process is to use your web search engine (Google, Bing, etc.). You may use a search term such as “US Shale Oil Field Jobs” then evaluate the results.